Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fault in My Star

Fault in my stars... Forever,
I've waited eagerly .. forever.
For i've heard the stars will turn the tides, with every year
years passed by, i'am waiting eagerly... but i know its forever

I believed i was special, for all things i've learnt, realized
It stuck me hard, when i realized what I've realized then
The unkonwns outweigh the known, as they should be
The new known should have remained unknown

Accpetance seems to be the key, Me..
can i ever accept me as myself?
sounds not, I believed i was superior than me
and i dreamt I will  be superior to me

Fault in my stars.. forever.
I will wait further, forever
Knowing stars are little celestial body and
Knowning they dont damn change my life

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