Monday, August 3, 2015

Rhymes for Kids

Keep it smiling :)  (abcd style)

It’s good to be little naughty,
Make every day as fun party
The world out here is so pretty
Reminds every-day to be witty

Keep it smiling all the day
That ‘ll  keep all troubles at bay
The day is fun as you smile and shine
You will see that world is fine

You are not Afraid (row the boat style)

Rare to go  anywhere in world,
Don’t be afraid of things
Dare to be your super hero
Dare to damn the fear

It’s the same world out there
Whether its dark or lit
It’s the same noise you will hear
Whether a frog or owl

What you fear is not out,
Its just deep inside you,
If you re, smart you will get ,
Life is fun,  you bet…


I love my Teddy Bear 

My Ted just lost one of his eyes
His coat is dirty with spaghetti and pies
His right arm stich gone, might fall down
He look little sad as he lost his crown

But when I need someone else than me,
He will be there always by me,
I love my ted, no matter the looks

When there love, there is nothing else to pick